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Probably the best place to get anything you need including advice, The company’s below are generally on this site by recommendation, and it is free.  You will find Boats sails and fittings for most budgets here. tell them you saw them on The Lincoln site. they may give a discount !!!!!!!

New to the sport have a chat with us at Lincoln , before you do anything ,  we can direct you to the most cost effective way of getting started in this fantastic sport .


Occasionally we may have a second hand boat on our FOR SALE page so check it out .

Getting a fast competitive boat is not easy,  try looking secondhand on the MYA site

NEW BOATS or ask if they have anything secondhand ,,,, worth a try

Try this, my old mate Pepe in Spain does the Brit Pop , lead time normally around 6 months sometimes sooner, they are great boats I used to have one No complaints at all , if you have the ability ( Brain power) these will get you to the sharp end quickly.        http://vinaixayachts.com/en/productos/britpop/

Also if you fancy a V9 from Ian Vickers its about the same lead time, I have one personally and am very pleased ,  Check out the website .                              http://vickersiom.com/design/v9-iom

KANTUN    Great boats from Croatia including the KANTUN S,  check this lot out , Zvonko is a great sailor and a very nice chap to deal with .  also makes sails .                       http://kantun-iom.weebly.com/

RACE COUNTDOWN SYSTEM . New on the Market a race countdown system that has everything you need for successful starting races , including a remote so you can activate from a distance , click the link for full details.      Countdown Timer Flyer

The list is in no particular order  and there are 2 pages to check out .

R/C YACHTS , , This is the place to get your Dragon Force 65 and spare parts are normaly posted same or next day , Keep your eye open also for the new DragonFlite 95, Orders are being taken for this yacht that is due in March , don’t get left behind in the queue, get your order in early . Lincoln Model Yacht club will be racing them in 2016.   see the website for all details inc tel number        http://www.radiosailing.co.uk/

Also you may need a great R/C set for your Dragon Force or Dragon Flite , try Hobby King for this set,  the TGY-i6 at £ 36.82     but please make sure you click the Union Jack to order from the UK !!!   http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__62709__Turnigy_TGY_i6_AFHDS_Transmitter_and_6CH_Receiver_Mode_1_.html

 CAT SAILS        Great sails, most classes great prices and good delivery times you can rely on , give Nigel Brown a ring and he will be more than pleased to help,   Sue Brown is also producing sail bags , boat bags , Fin covers and lots more, real nice friendly guys to deal with     07884407871         http://www.catsails.co.uk 

BG SAILS            http://www.bgsailsanddesign.com/  email Brad , currently World champion ( 2016) National Champion 2016 ,in our great sport and world class sails The results speak for them selves .                           bgrcyachting@hotmail.com

GRAPHITE SAILS   All the popular Sails for I.O.MRG 65,  and Dragon Force and much more ,give        John Tushingham a call for best prices and delivery on  01943816808, or email        john@graphitecreative.co.uk

 JELACIC SAILING    For the full package from one of the greats in radio sailing take a look here http://www.jelacicsailing.com/

 THE COMPONENT SHOP            http://www.componentshop.co.uk/

For all batteries leads and all things electrical based in North Wales and next day delivery they cant be beaten also if you want to know a bit about what batteries do ,,  then follow the link  below


THE SERVO SHOP  For all servos ,glues epoxy and much much more at great prices and next day delivery.           http://www.servoshop.co.uk/index.php



  HOUSEMARTIN SAILS      Former world champion Martin and wife Andrea are always helpful with advise and sometimes have a selection of used sails at bargain prices , Mast/Boom and rig kits also, link below  OR TEL , Andrea or Martin on 01516091339,


SOCH SAILS,    Quality Dragon Force and Vinyl graphics. Patches and lots more , Tim is your Man .


ULLMAN SAILS           http://www.ullmansails.co.uk/store/category.php?id_category=61

SAILS ETC                  Graham and Lorna Bantock Tel: +44 (0) 1376 570 583 or email  Graham and Lorna have a large  on line shop for boats and parts , one of the  fore runner’s in our hobby , great service and friendly advice .Credit card at the ready .       http://sailsetc.com/magento/index.php/

P J SAILS                Tel peter Wiles 01202744101 sails and parts a plenty, Transmitter Mitts                                                     http://www.pjsails.co.uk/catalogue.html

DAVE CREED ,     Dave Creeds telephone number 0151 342 7693 if you have lost you fin or rudder give Dave a ring , great service  no website sorry       email  d.creed495@btinternet.com

Dave Creeds address is  5 Dee Park Road , Wirral,  CH60  3RG.

KEN BINKS   http://www.kbits.co.uk/   Tel Ken on 01323725817  KEN is back open for business  check him out .

C M YACHTS.      Tel Mike on 01234822408   Everything you will ever need. All parts for all boats including the latest rig kits , mast and lightweight booms , he also has catalogues for those who hate the Internet, Now working with Phil Playle  producing various top class I.O.M yachts including the very latest Vision .       http://www.cmyachts.co.uk/

RMG WINCH UK     Uk Distributers for probably the best winch in the world    http://www.smartwinchuk.co.uk/

RMG SAILWINCHES AUSTRALIA   Have a look at Robs site to get just what you need  https://www.rmgsailwinch.com.au/rmg

ULTRALITE RADIO YACHTING NEW ZEALAND      http://ultralite-radioyachting.net/                      LOADS OF BITS AND PIECES FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD


THE GADGET AND OTHERS IF YOUR ON A BIT OF A BUDGET               http://www.wirralmarine.co.uk/index.html


All the above suppliers have been placed on this website for the good of Lincoln Model Yacht club Members and other guests who are free to browse the site .

ADMIN,  Mick C


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