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Micks V9 is for sale probably the fastest V9 in the country .

V 9 FOR SALE.  “Red Dragon “ registration  3984 sails no psn 46

RED VICKERS V9 in excellent condition 1st registered 25th September 2015

Martini fin and rudder

RMG 290 winch with self-tens 42mm drum, RMG switch, spare pot lid and one or two patches.

Hitech rudder servo

All French 11.1 masts A and B with prebend

A suit with cat sails.

B suit with cat sails

C suit with cat sails

1 lightweight Jib on 2512 jib boom

Top quality sails box.

Batteries I use are LIPO and the connectors are all mini Deans

Excellent racing record obtaining 14th in the I.O.M ranking 2015/6 but unfortunately no ranking races done in 2017.

Winner Lincoln I.O.M summer series 2017, Winner Mac. Colyer trophy 2017,

3rd I.O.M veterans 2017 and many podiums in 2016.

Reason for sale, new boat has arrived for 2018 season

Price £ 1,750.

Can be seen at Lincoln club almost any time. by appointment

Email v113simo@outlook.com

Pictures on request


Boat sold, Sorry its gone to Gosport for a sunny break.


but if you have a boat for sale  let me know and I will put it on the site if you have full description and a few pictures
















If you have any items for sale Boaty wise, and would be happy to help the club funds with a 5%  one off fee, let me know and I will gladly advertise for you on this page , Boats especially welcome but please supply pictures and as much detail as you can,  let me know    v113simo@outlook.com      Check out our suppliers page for lots of info whether starting out or an experienced skipper .

New members joining clubs want decent boats at decent prices , send me pics and details, over 550 people follow this site.


  Spectra cord for your rigging   ,,,

£ 2.00 for 10 meters  30 Lb ,  80Lb  . or 90 Lb   + £ 1.00 post/pack  make out  cheque to Lincoln model yacht club,,  and post to

Mick Chamberlain

1 white cottages south park farm

Knaith Park



DN21 5EU

add your name and address , what you want, and how many

P1030307 All Proceeds  goes to Lincoln Model Yacht club funds

Or just see me at the lake Scotland Farm where else !!!!!!


If you have anything for sale let me know




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