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Dragon Force Winter Series Round 6 19th February 2017

A good day for sailing but a low turn out.

Once again the forecast was about right, 10 to 12 mph from the West. Not quite the Carribean weather they forecast for early next week but a lot warmer than last week and dry. A two lap course along the south bank gave the 6 boat fleet some good sailing and the RO kept the pace up to allow 10 races to be completed.

Well done and many thanks to Phil Harpham, who also won the event.



IOM Winter Championship and Dragon Flite 95 Round 4 12th February 2017

The day was cold and wet, the wind was about as forecast at 15 mph from the NE gusting to a strength which was close to the limit of the tall suits. This made the temperature feel more like -2 than +2 as measured. Despite it all 6 IOM’s and 3 DF95’s were on the water.

A course was set along the east bank which consisted of 3 beats and 2 runs but this was shortened to 2 beats and 1 run in order to ensure a reasonable number of races and to finish with an odd number of races so that potential problems with ties were avoided. Despite some close racing this was achieved and it is recommended ( by the scorekeeper!) that this be adopted as a routine whenever possible.

The Duty RO, Keith Holmes, ran a well organised event despite the non attendance of the ARO, Geoff Burrell. Well done Keith.



IOM Winter Series Round 4 5th February 2017

A simply glorious day greeted the 13 skippers for round 4 of the I.O.M winter series. When II say that word I mean it was not to cold and there were bits of Sun shining through, the wind however was true to the forecast which said 4 knots , Totally different direction and in terms of beaufort scale  I would say about one and a half. We started on the East bank did three races, moved to the South and did three more racing was tight between Mick Gbr 46 and Chris Gbr 74 with nip and tuck all the way, Gordon Bennett Gbr 130 had a great day and will be well pleased with his result, we welcomed a new member Roger Bowtle gbr 58 white who had some good solid results despite not having sailed for twelve years, Ivan Gbr 53 also sailed very well in the ultra-light conditions. After we had completed six races the wind died completely and OOD Chris was allowing the wind ten minutes to return, however whilst we were waiting  two of the three swans on the lake had a bit of a dust up , and a couple of minutes later the loser decided to take off for pastures new, unfortunately the perfect take-off was interrupted by some heavy duty power lines on the West bank  and the swan came tumbling down from a fair height and landed just inside the sheep field. All I can say is Phil Called the R.S.P.C.A and they came out to check the bird out. What followed cannot be added to this write up but trust me you will get to hear about the end result, which was happy for the swan, but not so for Phil. All in all, a nice day. Chris held a minute’s silence for our  friend Norman Fish who died recently, and he spoke fondly of the good old days when Norman was just a lad winning all sorts in the MYA. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Results below and a couple of pics of all the members who showed up on the day on counback Mick just nicked it from Chris,  On the two 8th places

it is not as shown,  and Roger Bacon took 8th from Alan Newman due to his 3rd in one race, apolagies for the spelling mistake Narpham should read Harpham.

Not forgetting the OOD’s  fantastic job to get racing underway with so little wind , well done Chris and Neil







Dragon Force 65 round 5 29th January 2017

Dragon Force 65 round 5 winter series 29th January 2017

A fine day greeted 10 skipper’s lovely sunshine, a little light southerly maybe force 2 and some great racing, Keith was a little unlucky in missing two races with rudder failure and Mick Chamberlain tried to take full advantage by winning the first race but falling apart in the second. The racing was all on the East bank and OOD’s Bob and Gordon laid a sensible one lap course. It seemed the fun was back at the farm, the club house was full to overflowing with raptures of laughter coming from within, most of the chat was about a certain boat that was supposed to come from Italy and for whatever reason has not arrived. A certain Picture may be put on Facebook soon,  and delivery may be within a few days. (sorry private joke) due to the lightness of the wind only 5 races took place and top dog for the day was Mick Chamberlain closely followed by Bob Geary

It was nice to see 10 skippers out of a total of 15 who own DF 65’s at the club , Those who missed it , it was great fun and we hope to see you next time.

Well don Bob and Gordon the OOD’s




Piccy Sue brown with Micks gbr 46 going well

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