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A breezy blustery day greeted 15 competitors at Scotland farm for round 10 of the I.O.M summer series, We welcomed a new member and a repeat visitor to the club on what was to be a good blow with B suits all round. The rain held off but  we had a brief two-minute shower about mid morning and then the sun came out to stay . Proceedings were slightly delayed as the wind changed direction just prior to the start and a new course had to be set along the south bank and we eventually started at 10 15 am .Race one was won by Mick Chamberlain GBR46, but it was by no means easy on the windward leeward course with places changing on a regular basis. Martin Lambert having completed the sale of his Lintel and having to sail an old but perfectly formed Gadget GBR 14 was finding things a little more difficult , especially as this was Lintel weather , The other Lintel in the fleet Chaz Jordan’s  GBR 99 had yet another early bath going home before the first race was completed. Graham Allen sailing his new Chienz was performing well as was Bob Geary s new EVO 3 GBR 58 , but none as well as Robert Wilson Fraktal  GBR 97 designed by Graham Bantock who went on to dominate the next 4 races leaving all in his wake. The racing was exciting,  with battles throughout the fleet  taking place, making for some very fast and furious racing , The results are posted below , but I would just like to give my thanks to Martin for having a teach in on rigging and first beat strategy including starting as soon as racing had finished , there will be more of this in the future because we find that the level of sailing has improved this year , which is good for the individual and for the club.

I.O.M SUMMER SERIES ROUND 10 ,,  17 AUGUST 2014The 5th place was taken by Martin Lambert on count back



The boy’s gather round for some words of wisdom



Right Listen up ,, Martin telling us some useful tips on how to make our boats go a bit quicker .


DF/RG Summer series Race 8 on 10 August 2014

snipped 201408 10 DFSS8

Seven hardy souls braved the inclement weather for a shortened event. The wind was generally from the North East despite the forecast but was very variable both in strength and direction but at no time posed a problem even to the Dragons with the large sails. The rain was also variable but when it was heavy it was very heavy. At the end of race 6 the wind was at its lightest and the rain at its heaviest so racing was abandoned.


Round 9 lived up to its expectations with a great turnout that ended up with 17 skippers taking to the water , It could have been 18 but for an unfortunate winch failure of Chaz Jordan . We had two very welcome visitors with             Darin Ballington  GBR 98 Britpop and Robert Wilson GBR 97 Fraktal. The breeze seemed a little stronger than forecast and everybody held on to top suit for the six races with only one or two diving boats on the run. Bob Geary was sailing his brand new EVO 3 GBR 58, and despite the rig not being tuned to what may be the optimum, put in some very good performances to take 5th spot . Jenny Hand GBR 169 also had a fantastic day sailing in to 6th spot to which I am sure she will be very pleased . There were battles up and down the fleet and the racing was hugely competitive no matter where you were sailing in the fleet. The standard of sailing has improved quite a lot at Scotland Farm this year and everybody is enjoying their sailing, shore side manners are also very good and it is nice to see turns being done for any small incidents. At the end of the day it was Darin that took the honours with seven points and Martin Lambert in a borrowed AB4 took second spot from Mick Chamberlain 3rd and Robert Wilson 4th . The results and some pictures of the day are below , and I would like to thank all the competitors for making it such a great day of competitive racing .








Darin and Robert visitors to Scotland Farm





We had a few Dragon fun races with 10 skippers taking part ,,,, the serious stuff is next Sunday 10th August .


Mick Admin


Sunday 3rd August I.O.M meeting

This coming Sunday is round 8 of the I.O.M summer series and a bumper turnout is expected at Scotland Farm . The heat is on for the top spot and with Bob Geary showing of his new Goth EVO 3 , Martin Lambert Sailing a new AB4 design, and Chaz Jordan sailing his revamped and remeasured Lintel it could be explosive , also are expected are a couple of visitors to mix things up a little ,, The weather is looking pretty good with a breeze from the South West 8 to 12 knots and 20 degrees sunshine ,

Don’t be late the action starts at 0950 hrs

46 perfect leeward end start

3rd August 2014

RM Summer Series Race 6 – 27 July 2014

A variable wind made the choice of the windward mark questionable at times but the strength made for some good sailing. The closest racing I can remember sailing as the results indicate. An excellent morning all round.


snipped 201407 27 RMSS6


Another great turnout 14 contestants for round 8 of the I.O.M summer series at Scotland Farm . The weather was overcast warm and with a threat of thunderstorms to come waterproofs were kept handy.

A decent top suit breeze stayed with us all the morning and the rain held off , a good windward leeward course was set with Starboard rounding and a gate at the leeward end, We had a guest sailing an R.C Yacht for the first time , but I suspect not the last Les is an old Sailing friend of Mick C and was up for the weekend with his wife Annie. The racing got of to a good start and Martin C was using a badly rigged AB4 for the first time but very soon got the hang of it. The results are posted below , but the most notable improvement came from Mick Hunt GBR 14 with a very good 3rd place , there were battles up and down the fleet and Jim Dinmore was also showing some good form with his new boat, and when he gets it settled and trimmed will soon see himself climbing the ladder and putting some established club members to shame , results and pics below , The Dragon force series held on the same day will be posted a little later .




Mick and Phil ( want some lotion ) ive put it on the bottom of the boat as well , so watch how well it goes .


Jim and James


Jenny and Buddy ( buddy does not sail yet)


Guest Les and Annie.



Ivan and Dave waiting for the start .


Micks AB4 loaned to Martin for the day.


Jenny launching.


Les and Colin meet again after 30 years .



9 Dragons came to the line for the afternoon racing at Scotland Farm , it could have easily been 11 yachts but Jenny    ( forgot transmitter) and Mick ( rudder servo failure ) also one or two had to rush off for much more important things to do !!!!!! So they missed the fine competitive racing that we always get with the dragons and the down poor of rain that we got in race 6 .

Dragon Force series round 7   summer 2014

Although Phil 44 won the first race he kinda faded for the next three races with a couple of 7ths and a 6th, not sure why that happened but I am sure he knows that if he brigs consistency to his game he would give the top guns a run for there money. Martin took full advantage of Mick and Bob not sailing to stamp his authority and win by a good margin, Chaz showed some great promise and sailed a steady set of races banging in a couple of “bullets” in race 3/5and only being out of the top three on two occasions, Norman also showed consistency, but Jim’s sailing continues to improve and I can see by the end of the year he will be mixing it with the middle of the pack guy’s , His grandson James needs to put a little more application into the game and a lot more practice ,, he showed in the last two races that he can do it , but does need to concentrate and apply himself,, and at his age his learning curve will be dramatic and he could end up as one of the guy’s to beat at club level . Martin wins from Phil and Chaz ,,Phil just nicked it on Count back for second place

All in all a very satisfying day and some great racing , we would also like to welcome two new members to the club Dave and Bert and we look forward to helping them in any way we can .


Mick Admin


This coming Sunday 20th July sees round 8 of the seasons I.O.M series and round 7 of the Dragon summer series . I can tell you but please keep it to yourself that the leader in both these competitions is away and will not be contesting, It is very tight at the top and this could be your chance to close the gap on the leaders. All the hot shots will be there so to miss out would be foolhardy. I was at the lake yesterday and it looks perfect and the surrounding grass has been cut to perfection , extra car park space has been mowed in anticipation of a large entry, But I would still suggest getting there early as there are always some small tasks to do before battle commences. Make sure your rig and lines are not going to break at the last-minute, the last thing you want on race day is a preventable failure. Make sure you bring sandwiches and flask , this is an all day event , the weather is looking good and may be very hot so bring a hat , This also may be a good opportunity to bring wives /girlfriends or lovers as I have it from a good source that some will be attending .


Dragon nats with mick out in front


Buzz Colemans boat1



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