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Another great turnout 14 contestants for round 8 of the I.O.M summer series at Scotland Farm . The weather was overcast warm and with a threat of thunderstorms to come waterproofs were kept handy.

A decent top suit breeze stayed with us all the morning and the rain held off , a good windward leeward course was set with Starboard rounding and a gate at the leeward end, We had a guest sailing an R.C Yacht for the first time , but I suspect not the last Les is an old Sailing friend of Mick C and was up for the weekend with his wife Annie. The racing got of to a good start and Martin C was using a badly rigged AB4 for the first time but very soon got the hang of it. The results are posted below , but the most notable improvement came from Mick Hunt GBR 14 with a very good 3rd place , there were battles up and down the fleet and Jim Dinmore was also showing some good form with his new boat, and when he gets it settled and trimmed will soon see himself climbing the ladder and putting some established club members to shame , results and pics below , The Dragon force series held on the same day will be posted a little later .




Mick and Phil ( want some lotion ) ive put it on the bottom of the boat as well , so watch how well it goes .


Jim and James


Jenny and Buddy ( buddy does not sail yet)


Guest Les and Annie.



Ivan and Dave waiting for the start .


Micks AB4 loaned to Martin for the day.


Jenny launching.


Les and Colin meet again after 30 years .



9 Dragons came to the line for the afternoon racing at Scotland Farm , it could have easily been 11 yachts but Jenny    ( forgot transmitter) and Mick ( rudder servo failure ) also one or two had to rush off for much more important things to do !!!!!! So they missed the fine competitive racing that we always get with the dragons and the down poor of rain that we got in race 6 .

Dragon Force series round 7   summer 2014

Although Phil 44 won the first race he kinda faded for the next three races with a couple of 7ths and a 6th, not sure why that happened but I am sure he knows that if he brigs consistency to his game he would give the top guns a run for there money. Martin took full advantage of Mick and Bob not sailing to stamp his authority and win by a good margin, Chaz showed some great promise and sailed a steady set of races banging in a couple of “bullets” in race 3/5and only being out of the top three on two occasions, Norman also showed consistency, but Jim’s sailing continues to improve and I can see by the end of the year he will be mixing it with the middle of the pack guy’s , His grandson James needs to put a little more application into the game and a lot more practice ,, he showed in the last two races that he can do it , but does need to concentrate and apply himself,, and at his age his learning curve will be dramatic and he could end up as one of the guy’s to beat at club level . Martin wins from Phil and Chaz ,,Phil just nicked it on Count back for second place

All in all a very satisfying day and some great racing , we would also like to welcome two new members to the club Dave and Bert and we look forward to helping them in any way we can .


Mick Admin


This coming Sunday 20th July sees round 8 of the seasons I.O.M series and round 7 of the Dragon summer series . I can tell you but please keep it to yourself that the leader in both these competitions is away and will not be contesting, It is very tight at the top and this could be your chance to close the gap on the leaders. All the hot shots will be there so to miss out would be foolhardy. I was at the lake yesterday and it looks perfect and the surrounding grass has been cut to perfection , extra car park space has been mowed in anticipation of a large entry, But I would still suggest getting there early as there are always some small tasks to do before battle commences. Make sure your rig and lines are not going to break at the last-minute, the last thing you want on race day is a preventable failure. Make sure you bring sandwiches and flask , this is an all day event , the weather is looking good and may be very hot so bring a hat , This also may be a good opportunity to bring wives /girlfriends or lovers as I have it from a good source that some will be attending .


Dragon nats with mick out in front


Buzz Colemans boat1


Results from RM Summer Series Race 5 on 13 July 2014

Only 4 RMs turned out on what proved to be a testing day. It started light and variable but dry and warm. By race 4 we had heavy squalls with driving rain. Most of the skippers were caught out as proved by the fact that only half the fleet finished. Racing ended in showery conditions with a fresh breeze. The fleet was augmented by 6 IOMs and 5 Dragons had some fun to finish off.


snipped 201407 13 RMSS5

Results of IOM Summer Series Race 7 on 6 July 2014

For once the weather forecast was wrong in our favour and we had a reasonable wind although it was somewhat variable. 11 boats was a good turnout for a summer holiday period. This was followed by 5 Dragons having 4 races and a good time was had by all.

Farmer Bob dropped by to tell us that the ride on mower was mended but did not go into any further details. A working party was arranged for Wednesday as Bob had mowed the long grass and there was plenty of loose cuttings to rake up.

snipped 201407 06 IOMSS7


With a cool Northerly blowing down the lake this was always going to be a quiet day for the Radio Marbleheads , and with Martin otherwise disposed it gave the chasing pack a chance to come good , Only three R.M’s came to the line with a further five International One Metres , the breeze was steady and top suit was held by the I.O.M quite easily . The first race was won by Bob Geary 13 but a broken sheet just before the second race started ended his dream there and then , Colin Marsden 75 went on to win the next two races , but then race 4 and 5 had Bob back on top , the final race was won by Colin and with it the days spoils, Ivan Stevenson managed a second in race 2 and 5 and was not on top form for the day , If Bob’s sheet had not parted in race two it would have been a different story, there is a lesson there and Bob needs no telling ,,,, make sure you don’t have any breakages . Results below and on count back Colin with three firsts gets the nod sorry could not correct the sheet .

summer series round 4 R.M 29 June 2014

After a swift lunch break out came the Dragons only 8 I am afraid to say , I think the weather may have something to do with it. A massive downpour had a couple of competitors rushing for cover ( car ) and missing two races and the next to  race was sailed in about 1/2 knots of wind , by the time it finished there was not a breath of wind and race 8 was not sailed ,, results below , and every body was keen to get away and have a hot bath after the soaking we had in race 5 Well done to Ivan and Jenny  3/4 respectively you both sailed some very good races,,  a tip for Chaz,, pop along to Morton boats to get some new waterproof ‘s ,,, one with a zip would be nice . and for all those guy’s who have to wear glasses just GOOGLE      aquavis  they are about £ 10.00 a set but it stops your glasses getting wet !!!!

Dragon Force round 6 summer 2014

Buzz Colemans boat 4 JPGdragon nats 7


Mick Admin




Another fantastic day greeted 16 competitors who came to the line for round 6 of the International One meter’s Class. Light winds from the West gave the boats a tricky beat, and eased sheets were the order of the day to keep the boats moving . Mick C’s new AB4  hit the water for the first time and had a dream start winning the first race although an element of luck may have played a part , It was nice to see Bill Cox 07 making his first visit to the lake since joining, and showing of one of his Triple Crowns , It was also nice to see some wives at the lake side relaxing whilst the husbands got on with the serious side of things , Bob Geary in a borrowed Brit Pop showed what can be done when you upgrade with a fine second place overall, also two very good performances by the older Gadget design with both  Mick Hunt 14 and Colin Marsden 35 gaining three victories between them during the morning.

P1030816A notable absentee was Martin Lambert who I am pleased to report sends his best regards to you all and will be hoping to be released from hospital during the coming week and will be hoping to join us for next weeks all day event on the 29th June  , Get well soon Martin we miss you .

You will all see from the results that there was some very good sailing from many club members and you will no doubt be looking at the race you have discarded,,  to see if perhaps you could have done a little better next time . I felt the rules were played out very fairly,  but I would urge you all to brush up with the rules game on the website,, it is a lot of fun and there is a level of competence  for everyone so test yourself and see if you can come up with all the right answers, I must confess I still don’t every time !!!!!

16 competitors for round 6

16 competitors for round 6 the best attendance so far at Scotland Farm

I.O.M round 6 summer 2014P1030817Testing conditions with glassy smooth water for all concerned .







11 competitors came to the line for round 5 of the Dragon summer series , there were a few tired eyes as we were still getting over Italy beating us in the first round of the world cup , Disappointing I know but if Roy makes one change to the team we should go all the way, the player in question always seems assured his place in an England shirt, but this now has to change, his recent hair transplant has done nothing to improve his sluggish performance, and the plane awaits to take him home to Manchester despite his roots being in Liverpool/ Everton . Enough of all that and on to the main event which was hotly contested with some great performances  from different skippers made the racing both tense and exciting, from my calculations 5 different skippers each had a win, With Phil Harpham 44 finally coming out on top with 10 points from 8 races , early leader Bob Geary with a 2/1/3 in the first three races slipped a little as tiredness took hold, and Gordon Bennett sailing the race of his season finishing second , a superb performance that I am sure will give him the confidence to re-cut his jib ready for round 6, Chaz finally back after his recent trips also scored well but just faded towards the end of a very tiring morning. The wind was from the North and a good top suit breeze had place changing on the windward leeward course.


Round 5 Dragon summer series


Dragon nats with mick out in front

picture of the recent Nationals at Keighley courtesy of Sue Brown


Mick Admin



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